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An over thinkers guide to life, Puggles, family and so much more

Overthinking is a nightmare. Due to a back operation I have too much time on my hands and too much time to think. This is how I deal with it and survive

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I can never find my phone it’s always on silent

I always struggle to find my phone as it’s always on silent. If I ask my boyfriend to ring it all you can hear is the buzz. So I often have to use find my iPhone. I blame work as it’s on silent for work and I never put the volume up.

I am a crazy blonde but I wouldn’t have my life any other way. That’s a lie…… more money would be nice

no one is going to provoke me tomorrow.

I am taking no shot at work tomorrow. I am not letting anything provoke me. That’s the plan anyway

I am too old to worry

I have learnt This recently at work. Not everyone likes you just like you don’t like everyone. It really doesn’t matter as you don’t need these people in your lives.

I was too worried about how everyone else saw me and some people just aren’t worth the effort.

Be respectful to people and that’s all you can do. If they don’t like you FUCK THEM

This was me yesterday

Take care of yourswlf

You need to remember this. Since I have been back at work after my operation I have realised this more than ever. Work would replace you like this. So look after yourself. Don’t stress and make sure that it doesn’t affect you and your family. Certainly don’t overthink as it just makes you feel ill with worry.

It’s important to have a work life balance. You work to live and don’t live to work

Overthinking I can’t flaming sleep.


I can’t sleep it’s 1.39 am and I need to be awake in 6 hours. My brain is overthinking about not one thing but lots
1. money – I always think about money and my lack of money
2. Lily and her pregnancy and if she will be ok
3. Work – nothing particular
4. Seeing the consultant tomorrow and whether my operation has worked
5. Sleep – how I need to stop overthinking and get some sleep

Errrrr I wish I had a switch to turn my irrational overthinking brain off

Now I am back at work this is how I felt last night

Daily diary- 7 and a half weeks pregnant


i am going to change my daily diary a bit. I am back at work and life seems to have settled a bit for me. I hope I haven’t given it the kiss of death now. While I am still going to give you an insight  to my crazy life. I am going to update you on Lily’s pregnancy and the puppies providing all goes well.

Work has been good. I really feel glad to be back and I am enjoying the routine. While I was off I dished out my work to other fee earners. Most people have generally looked after my work well. A particular girl as our other office has done bugger all. My files have hardly been touched in 10 weeks and the client are going mad. She also had the cheek to ring me at 8.45 on day I came back to ask when I was going over to the other office to collect them. I was fuming as I can’t lift and said I would need help putting the files in and out of my car. I have really helped this girl in the past and when she was on holiday I went over to her office and really cleared all her work. I know now in the future not to help her again. Some people don’t deserve it.

I have been struggling at work pain wise. By dinner time my back and leg is killing me. Luckily I am doing a phased return so I am only working a few hours in the morning for a few weeks. Hopefully it will give me time to recover properly. I have had to take yo my bed in the afternoon.  This will help if the puppies come in the next few weeks.

Going back to Lily. She is not between 7 and 7.5 weeks pregnant. Dogs are only pregnant for 9 weeks so we need to get everything ready for her. My Dad is a joiner and I am going to ask him to maybe  make a bed for her and her puppies.

She seems to be doing quite a bit of sleeping and her tummy is really swelling. She also has terrible wind. I think it’s lily, although it maybe my boyfriend pretending that it’s her.

We have looked on Line and she could have her puppies when she is 56 days pregnant onwards. So in theory she could have her puppies as early as next Wednesday. Then the hard work will start. It’s pretty exciting through.  I have obtained the picture and write up about what to expect from a dog who is 7weeks pregnant from the Royal Cain website.

I mentioned before that when my cupboards are full of food I hate people eating it.  I drive my son and boyfriend mad.  Today my boyfriend is driving me mad as he is eating it like there is no tomorrow.  I shop again in 2 weeks so when it’s gone it’s gone.  They will have to starve.  I think I get mad cause I do the shopping and have to make the shopping last.  Today we had steak for tea.  A money saving tip is we got the fillet steak from Aldi and it was really good and under £6.00per steak.  We usually pay at least £8 and you couldn’t really tell the difference.

Good night speak soon xxxxx

Daily diary- we have made a nursery



It’s been a busy day today. I went back to work. I was dreading it but it couldn’t have gone any better. Everyone was really pleased to see me back. No one had an issue with me being off and even the bitchiest woman there even seemed pleased to see me. I also got a hug off two people. All the worrying that I have done over the months have been for nothing. Overthinking and worrying waste energy and make you feel terrible. In future I am not going to overthink and worry so much. If you believe that you believe anything.

My back doesn’t feel great tonight. I could hardly move my leg, which is worrying. I will just have to grin and bare it until I see the specialist next week. I can then speak to him and see if this is normal and exactly what they did in the operation. I am concerned that the operation hasn’t worked. I don’t want to go through this again.

Tonight we have cleared out our junk room and made it into a puppy nursery. We need to get a new bed for lily and and a baby gate at the door so we can split lily and Bailey up if need be. Bailey has been a little monkey tonight. We have a cat door stop and he has chewed the ear off and keeps running off with it. I have ordered a Puggle one off amazon and will take a photo of it when it comes it’s so cute. The dogs are tired out now. Saying that so am I so I am off to bed.

Good night.

Daily diary – I am too old to worry

I am back at work today ekkkkkkkk. I have had a restless night and I am really dreading it. My over thinking mind has been working overtime. It is quite a bitchy place that I work at. I am not going to worry if people like me and if others are funny. I have nothing to be ashamed of. I have had a major operation and I am doing th best I can. If others don’t like it it’s tough. That’s the plan anyway. Deep down I am very worried. I need to stop it now !!!!!

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