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Puppy update – we are weaning the puppies

We are now weaning the puppies as they are nearly 4 weeks old. It has caused domestics between me and my boyfriend. It’s like having a baby. He thinks he knows best and I know I know best. My boyfriend thinks the food we feed the puppies should be thin. I think it should be thicker. It’s probabku the tiredness that we are feeling is affecting us as we usually don’t argue.

We think Lily has had enough of feeding the puppies. They have really sharp claws and their teeth are coming through I don’t blame her. It much be agony.

They are real little characters now and we wish we could keep them all. My boyfriends friend is having two so they are all going to be with family. Bella is staying with us and junior and runt is going to his friend. Here are some more pictures. 8BA8A3EF-5A2D-4A49-AAC5-6E5F2F36B855080A2DD0-46B5-44BF-86AC-AD51604FA5E6FEEE7460-83A7-4BE3-BE39-EC6679021194BB16B80D-DCE3-4434-94DD-EC1B9A9611209E232BEC-63E7-4472-ADDB-E55E4D56FD5D

Aren’t they adorable and it will be hard to let them go

Our first meal

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