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Overthinking is a nightmare. Due to a back operation I have too much time on my hands and too much time to think. This is how I deal with it and survive

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Recommended television programs – Love Island

I watched the last series of Love Island and was glued to it every night.  It has taken some getting into this series, but we are glued to the screens again.   My boyfriend always protests when I watch reality tv and says that he is being a really good partner watching it with me.  By the end of the series he is as glued as me and he even shushes me when I am talking when it’s on.  He says that I must never tell his mates this dirty little secret about him.

Love Island is a television series which is currently being screened on ITV 2 .  A number of single boys and girls share a villa in Majorca with the idea of finding the ideal partner and falling in love.   Along the way obstacles are thrown it their path and other singles are introduced.  The object is to couple up with each other.  The couple who usually aren’t classed as a great couple are evicted from the villa.  The winning couple will be voted on after 8 weeks.

This years series has been funny as it has been more like fight club than Love Island, A number of couples have been arguing and fighting and there was an eviction last night that was really controversial.  The public voted on the best couples in the villa. The bottom 3 couples were then voted as to who was to be evicted by the other members in the villa that had been saved by the general public.  The girls voted on the boy to go and the boys voted on the girl to go.  The girls voted on Eyal, who was the best looking boy in the villa to leave the villa. This wasn’t too bad.  The boys voted for Zara to go, she was part of a couple who really liked each other and looked like they would have a future together.  This left zara’s Partner Adam in the villa,  it will be interesting to see if he couples up with someone else or waits until he leaves the villa ans reunites with Zara.   I suspect he will meet someone else as he has been a bit of a love rat so far.

Tonight 6 new boys and 6 new girls are introduced into the villa.  The couples who are already together will be split up for a few days and the girls will go in a new villa with the new boys and the boys stay in the old villa I suspect with the new girls.  This will test the relationships that are in place.  It should be really interesting viewing.

Love Island is on ITV2 at around 9 pm every evening except Saturday so tune in and see if you love it as much as me.  It’s another guilty pleasure, especially if you are my boyfriend, ha ha.

Recommended television program – Stacey Dooley Investigates

I have recently been watching Stacey Dooley investigates.  She is a journalist who investigates social issues that affect young people.  The program a BBC programme..

I have just watched the World worst place to be a woman which was reporting on the social and political situation for woman in Honduras.  Honduras is a very dangerous place to be a woman.  Many woman are raped and killed every year.  Stacey interviewed a number of men, who had committed rapes and murders and they showed no remorse, which was very shocking.  It alarming that many men believe that the women deserved to be killed as they had disobeyed the men. The macho culture believes that violence against women is acceptable.  The documentary gave an alarming statistic that fewer than 3% of domestic violence case find the abuser punished.

Stacey also interviewed a female gang member who had killed over 40 people mainly women and children and again she showed very little remorse.

The programme was very thought provoking.  It was also interesting the see how people in different parts of the world lives and the dangers and struggles that they face.  It’s a great watch.

Daily diary-skint


I have changed the title of my daily diary as it’s boring the life out of me going on about my op.  No doubt it’s boring you too. So I am calling it simply daily diary.  I have added a sub title today, which is skint.  I will go into that in more detail later.

i am still not doing a lot we walked to the shop yesterday and watched football.  I enjoyed the Australia – France game and the Argentina – Iceland game.  The underdogs played really well.  We were both bored to tears by mid afternoon, so we watched Line of Duty which we started watching a ewe weeks earlier.  I will review the box set soon on my blog.

I went through my bills going out and money coming in and we have a week and 2 days till my boyfriend gets paid and I have more coming out of my account than I have coming in.  I am going to have to get on eBay later and do some surveys.  I also get beauty boxes every month.  I love getting these and have quite a few surplus cosmetics, which I give as presents or sell on eBay.  I keep the old empty beauty boxes and but some of the surplus cosmetics in and sell these as beauty boxes.  I tend to make abiut £10.  I am going to review the beauty boxes soon on here soon. I have also decided to write a weekly diary as to how I have saved money this week, to give you some ideas.

Thigs are tight for us as the moment,  I am not sure whether work are paying me for being off and my gas and electric company have added £100 a month to my direct debit.  I am therefore paying £240 a month.  I need to seriously make sure we are being careful with making sure the lights are turned off that we don’t need and televisions when we are not watching them.

I haven’t heard a word from my daughter since she went back to her Dads yesterday, I was quite upset as I felt like I had been used yesterday for a place to stay.  I feel a lot better today and will see how long it takes for her to contact me again,

Going to watch a film and list a few things on eBay.  Bye for now and speak tomorrow xxxx

ps.  I was awoken this  morning by boyfriends phone pinging and he got a message on Facebook.  I got all paranoid and was convinced it was a girl messaging.  I had to wake him up as my overthinking mind was doing overtime.  I said “your phone has just pinged.”.He said “oh I bet it’s my step mum, oh look so it is”.  He is very patient with me and knows how my mind over thinks.  It’s absolutley stupid, but I really can’t help myself.  I would love to be normal, but I am so lucky by boyfriend is so laid back and just ignores me and laughs.

The best box sets to watch

I recommended Peaky Blinders a few days ago.  Another great box set is The Walking Dead.  I wasn’t too keen on watching it as I don’t like zombies but it is so much more than that.  You really connect with the lives of the characters in the walking dead and they are not afraid of killing major characters off.

The series is based on the magazine and follows the life’s of the people who have survived the zombie apocalypses. The main character is Rick Grimes who is a former police chief and it follows him and other survivors search for somewhere secure to live.

There are 8 seasons and I found these gripping and at times it made me shout outload with the shock.  You can catch the first 7 seasons on amazon prime and the last season on sky store.

Love Island

Eyal in love Island is starting to really annoy me. In fact he is quite a knob

Best scene in ever in a movie


Which are the best box sets? any suggestions

I am always wanting to find a new box set too watch and I often ask the question on social media.  I have a few suggestions, but are also wanting your suggestions. If you have any.  My first suggestion is Peaky Blinders.  I was quite reluctant to watch this as I am not a fan of historical dramas.  From the first episode I was gripped. There’s have been 4 series and series 5 is due to hit our screens in 2019.  It was originally screened on BBC2

It is set in 2019 in Birmingham.  One of the most powerful gangs of the time is the Peaky Blinders, run by returning war hero Thomas Shelby and his family. But Thomas has bigger ambitions than just running the streets. This is the story of the Shelby’s.  

New guilty pleasure

I have a new guilty pleasure that I have discovered while I have been off work. It’s Gypsy Sisters on TLC

Gypsy Sisters’ follows the roller-coaster lives of the Stanleys, whom viewers first came to know in TLC’s `My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding’. The programme revolves around the four women led by matriarch Nettie, her out-of-control younger sister Mellie,  is a stripper Who likes to drink and fight .Kayla, Nettie’s . And Kayla’s sister-in-law Laura. These women love to argue and fight

Link to a fight scene on gypsy sister

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