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Overthinking is a nightmare. Due to a back operation I have too much time on my hands and too much time to think. This is how I deal with it and survive

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puggle puppies playing

Some puppy photos to end the day


The puppies are growing up and are full of mischief. Here are a few pictures for you. They are adorable. #puppylove

Our plans for the weekend

This is us

Aren’t these the most adorable puppies ever

what do you think of our puppies? They are 4 and a half weeks old and very entertaining. They are great fun and enjoying life at the moment. Lily has really had enough of feeding them. They have teeth now and sharp claws. The pain must be excruciating. So I don’t blame her. She seems to be more like the old Lily now and not the pregnant Lily or the miserable mother Lily.

It’s been hard work. Puppies are fun but hard work. We were not prepared for how hard it would be. Anyone considering it should think hard. I wouldn’t change it except would have loved for Lily to be a good mum and take to her puppies, but she was scared and she really did her best. I think it will get easier now they are getting older and I think the fun will start now.

I will post some more videos soon and photos

This sums up our life. Those damned puppies

Puppy update – we are weaning the puppies

We are now weaning the puppies as they are nearly 4 weeks old. It has caused domestics between me and my boyfriend. It’s like having a baby. He thinks he knows best and I know I know best. My boyfriend thinks the food we feed the puppies should be thin. I think it should be thicker. It’s probabku the tiredness that we are feeling is affecting us as we usually don’t argue.

We think Lily has had enough of feeding the puppies. They have really sharp claws and their teeth are coming through I don’t blame her. It much be agony.

They are real little characters now and we wish we could keep them all. My boyfriends friend is having two so they are all going to be with family. Bella is staying with us and junior and runt is going to his friend. Here are some more pictures. 8BA8A3EF-5A2D-4A49-AAC5-6E5F2F36B855080A2DD0-46B5-44BF-86AC-AD51604FA5E6FEEE7460-83A7-4BE3-BE39-EC6679021194BB16B80D-DCE3-4434-94DD-EC1B9A9611209E232BEC-63E7-4472-ADDB-E55E4D56FD5D

Aren’t they adorable and it will be hard to let them go

Our first meal

Puppy update. We can fight now

I have added a video onto you tube of the puppies fighting. They have never really fought until today. My boyfriend said at weekend the puppies are boring but I think there will be no stopping them now. They now wag their tails when they see you and are developing their own personalities.

I am not going to apologise for the amount of updates I post as this 10 weeks that we share with them will be very special and rewarding. Although it’s very tiring.

Look at this picture it’s smokey and he is gorgeous. What do you think ?6121AEC1-95E1-4412-8867-C03668E090B4.jpeg

Puppy update


I haven’t really updated you lately regarding the puppies. I think we have been too damned tired. We still are but there is a light at the end of rhe tunnel. My boyfriend has made a welping box for Lily and the puppies. You can see it on the picture above.

The puppies have come on leaps and bounds. They have all opened their eyes and are now walking. There is a video above showing smokey walking. I bet by weekend they will be running around. We are hoping to leave Lily in with them tonight. We have set up an app on the iPad called Arnold. It’s amazing you can use your iPad as a camera and another phone you can use as a receiver. It’s all done through your google account. It doesn’t matter if your phone is Apple or android. You can use both. We have been tuning in when we have been out of the house. The only problem is only one person at a time can watch the puppies. So we keep logging each other out which is frustrating when I am logged out ha ha. There will be lots of updates as the puppies develop and grow up. They are nearly 3 weeks old and we will keep them until they are between 10-12 weeks old. So we have plenty of memories to make and we can’t wait. There are exciting times ahead. I will check in again with you soon

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