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An over thinkers guide to life, Puggles, family and so much more

Overthinking is a nightmare. Due to a back operation I have too much time on my hands and too much time to think. This is how I deal with it and survive

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Daily update – well maybe not daily recently



It’s a bit of a bribe as I have neglected you. So I have posted a cute picture of Bella our beautiful puppy to win you round. I have had a busy few weeks. I have been busy with the pups and trying to get my candle business up and running. I have also been useless with my diet. I have slightly lost weight but not through dieting but though being back at work and busy.

I have sold lots of candles but mainly to people who I know. Through work and Facebook. I made loads of candles on Saturday and spent all day sorting them out and packaging them up. I had a bright idea to do a car boot sale. We made a profit after paying for the stall but it was about £4.00. For 4 hours work so approximately 50 pence an hour. We also got next to the most annoying person in the world. He never shut up all the time. We were ready to murder someone by the end of it. So that’s it for car boot sales. I have now signed up for some craft sales and hope we will do better. I did manage to sell a heart candle though and had plenty of positive comments.

My diet has been terrible I haven’t tried one bit. I have been back to the specialist today and he has said an operation won’t help me. He has referred me to pain management and physio. I have decided I need to get fit by walking the dogs and trying to build my back up again. I think that’s the only way i can be pain free. I do have carpal tunnel syndrome in my hands he offered to operate but I decided to bear with it as I won’t be able to use my hands for 2 weeks and I can’t spare the time off work.

I feel good that I don’t need an op. Money is tight though at the moment and we have nearly two weeks till my boyfriend gets paid. My daughter has been back with us for a month now and her dad won’t pay me anything. He has even gone on holiday for a week. It gets me furious as she still adored him and can’t see no wrong. We are trying to do what we can but it’s going to be a struggle, but isn’t every month. I hope one day my daughter realises what a dick he is.

I promise I am going to be a better blogger !!!!! See you tomorrow xxxx

Halloween candles

what do you think of my new candles I designed at weekend for Halloween ?

My newest candle

I have been candle making this weekend I have made loads.

What do you think of my newest creation? Check the link out !!!!

Introducing Pugglewick candles

Introducing Pugglewick. These candles are made with the help of my little furry friends.


The candles are £4.99 each. There are Christmas fragrances and are great homemade gifts or Christmas decorations.

The pink ones are also the same price but smell like the fragrance flower bomb by viktor and Ralph. The smell Gorgeous. I lit one of the candles and they have lasted hours. I can’t tell you how long as I am still no where near finishing it.

I will add more pictures of more products. Postage is £2.95 second class Royal Mail. I will shop internationally but please ask for a price. Going to add a purchase button on here when I work out how to do I.

how to save money


Just made chicken and mushroom soup – here is how

We had chicken for tea. There was only a small bit left on the bones. I put the carcass in a pan of water and boiled it for approximately 1 hour. After it had simmered I let the water cool and then picked all the bones out.

I was left with chicken stock and small pieces of chicken in. I blended the chicken until all the chicken pieces blended into the stock. The consistency was slightly thicker than water.

Next I added 1 table spoon of corn flower and;
A slice of white bread.

JI then added 1 tablespoon full of garlic paste and some Italian herbs and garlic Powder. Next I added half a tea spoon full of ground black pepper.

Finally I added I chopped up 10 mushrooms and fried them and added to the mixture and blended them and added a dash of Worcester sauce

The soup is a cheap starter or a dinner time snack at less than £1.50.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.


1 x chicken carcass
1 x litre of water to boil away
1 x tablespoon or cornflower
1 x slice of bread
1 x tablespoon of garlic paste
1 x tablespoon of Italian herbs
1/2 teaspoon or ground black pepper
10 x mushrooms
1 x dash of Worcester sauce

Daily diary – it’s not really my type of soup.



I promised you some puppy pictures they are the cutest most adorable puppies ever. Two of them are opening their eyes and they are developing their own personalities. I am still a bit poo obsessed through. I haven’t seen them poo in days. I rang the vet yesterday and they said. I will be missing their mum cleaning them up and if I am still concerned call back in a few days. They seem content and not in any pain so I think the vet is right. Although I still would like to see some poo to put my mind at rest.

I will update you more on their development soon. We are still getting up in the night with them but I think it will be ok to leave their mum with them in a few weeks

I am struggling with my diet. Fruit is no where near as good as chocolate and I don’t care what people say to convince me otherwise they are  wrong. It doesn’t help living with a gannets who never puts on any weight. I will admit when I was weighed when I had my scan I was 12 stone. That is terrible I used to be in the high 10 stones so I have put over a stone on. Even before I thought I needed to loose weight. So I am really trying hard.

I am not following a weight plan and I can’t  stick to those but trying to eat more fruit and vegetables. I felt peckish last night and had an apple my boyfriend said “while you are in there can you get me a chocolate roll”. How cruel is that ?

Today I decided to make some soup. I said shall I make some leek and potato soup. He said “yes as a starter “. So I cobbled some ingredients together. After spending about 20 minutes making it. He said “I don’t really like leak and potato soup I prefer tomato”. Well all I can think there is more left for me and my son. It’s also a cheap meal. The leaks were £1.00 for 4 and I only used 2 and the potatoes were pence and 1 used 5. I just added lamb stock and garlic and herbs and some Worcester sauce. It’s healthy and it fills you up. My son is a fussy eater and he loves soup.

We are having a Sunday clean. My boyfriend is cutting the grass and I am having a clean up and then we are going to watch our new box set “queen of the south”. We have only watched 2 episodes but it looks good. I might also put some more items on eBay.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Goodbye xxx



Daily diary – sorry I have neglected you


Hello its been a Whirlwind since these little beauties have been born. They have kept us busy with supervising feeds during the day and night. It’s left me shattered and unable to do anything else. I wouldn’t give them up for the world but we wouldn’t do it again.

We have a bit of a concern that the puppies are constipated. I watched a video on YouTube and it said to use a syringe and put 2 cl of distilled water up their bottom to aid that poo. It did work yesterday but I am going to try it again today. My boyfriend is going to go to the vets and get some laxatives. I have also read somewhere that they might be dehydrated and may need to be fed water. It’s all very scary.

The puppies are now 10 days old and they should be opening their eyes this weekend which is very exciting.

I have also been putting a few items on eBay as I need to make some money. I need to sell some of my high heels they are in my wardrobe and I never wear them. Due to my back and the fact that I fall over in them a lot especially when drunk. I don’t want to get rid of them but I won’t wear them. I also could maybe make some money. So I am taking the plunge. We need a big clear out as the house is getting cluttered. I think it will be my mission today while looking after the puppies.

I have even given my season ticket today for the Premiership Match tomorrow as I do not have the energy to go. This is not like me. But I go with my friend and she has asked her cousin to go so it’s not wasted.

My son goes back to school next week and I have been struggling to find any skinny pants. He is tall but very thin. I ordered a few pairs from next and finally found some super skinny suit pants. They were £35 but at least he will look how he wants to. It’s his last year at school and I have had to buy all new uniform as he has shot up. I bet it’s cost £150 plus.

Right I am going and I have updated you on my busy week. Got one last week working part time then full time. I don’t know how I will go on as I still need a lie down in the afternoon but I need to try and get back to normal.

I am going to take some photos of the puppies today and update the blog

Daily diary- 7 and a half weeks pregnant


i am going to change my daily diary a bit. I am back at work and life seems to have settled a bit for me. I hope I haven’t given it the kiss of death now. While I am still going to give you an insight  to my crazy life. I am going to update you on Lily’s pregnancy and the puppies providing all goes well.

Work has been good. I really feel glad to be back and I am enjoying the routine. While I was off I dished out my work to other fee earners. Most people have generally looked after my work well. A particular girl as our other office has done bugger all. My files have hardly been touched in 10 weeks and the client are going mad. She also had the cheek to ring me at 8.45 on day I came back to ask when I was going over to the other office to collect them. I was fuming as I can’t lift and said I would need help putting the files in and out of my car. I have really helped this girl in the past and when she was on holiday I went over to her office and really cleared all her work. I know now in the future not to help her again. Some people don’t deserve it.

I have been struggling at work pain wise. By dinner time my back and leg is killing me. Luckily I am doing a phased return so I am only working a few hours in the morning for a few weeks. Hopefully it will give me time to recover properly. I have had to take yo my bed in the afternoon.  This will help if the puppies come in the next few weeks.

Going back to Lily. She is not between 7 and 7.5 weeks pregnant. Dogs are only pregnant for 9 weeks so we need to get everything ready for her. My Dad is a joiner and I am going to ask him to maybe  make a bed for her and her puppies.

She seems to be doing quite a bit of sleeping and her tummy is really swelling. She also has terrible wind. I think it’s lily, although it maybe my boyfriend pretending that it’s her.

We have looked on Line and she could have her puppies when she is 56 days pregnant onwards. So in theory she could have her puppies as early as next Wednesday. Then the hard work will start. It’s pretty exciting through.  I have obtained the picture and write up about what to expect from a dog who is 7weeks pregnant from the Royal Cain website.

I mentioned before that when my cupboards are full of food I hate people eating it.  I drive my son and boyfriend mad.  Today my boyfriend is driving me mad as he is eating it like there is no tomorrow.  I shop again in 2 weeks so when it’s gone it’s gone.  They will have to starve.  I think I get mad cause I do the shopping and have to make the shopping last.  Today we had steak for tea.  A money saving tip is we got the fillet steak from Aldi and it was really good and under £6.00per steak.  We usually pay at least £8 and you couldn’t really tell the difference.

Good night speak soon xxxxx

Don’t make life about stuff

I have never been a materialistic person. I would much rather get a bargain than pay a lot of money for a designer purchase. I love to tell people when I get a bargain. Like the £2 vest tops I got from Lidl. I love them.

I have lately discovered how materialistic that my friend is since she met her new husband. It’s sad as we go back many years.

Life is about people and sharing experiences with them. I am so glad me and my partner feel the same about this. We are far happier Staying in with a kebab and our dogs than going out to fancy restaurants.

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