I am a busy mum of 2 children, 2 Puggles and a wonderful partner of 1 year,  It was a whirlwind  romance and my partner moved in with me after 3 dates.  I did know my boyfriend from years ago as he used to go out with one of my best friends, but we hadn’t seen each other for 30 years.  Except at a funeral the year before.  It may sound soppy me calling him wonderful, but I have a history of bad relationships over the years and I never thought that it was possible to be so happy.

I have had problems with my back for a number of years and the specialist said I could carry on taking pain killers or have the back operation.  I opted for the operation but the recovery is quite slow and long and the more rest and listening to the advice  of the doctors, the more likely the operation is to be successful.  So that’s where I am now.  It’s diffucult and I do feel useless and that I am putting a lot on my boyfriend.  He is amazing and nothing is too much trouble. Even with this I am still overthinking all situations.

We still have our problems as all people do.

Firstly, the issue is money, we are always skint.  That’s why I am constantly looking for money making ideas and other ways to save money.  I will write about a few tips which will hopefully help others in the same situation.

Secondly, the issue is children.  I have two children a daughter who is 16 and a son who is 15.  My daughter is the same nightmare as I was at her age.  It’s funny as my mum says “what goes around comes around” and that Karma is a bitch.  Which is unfortunately true.

Thirdly, the issue is me overthinking everything.  By saying everything I mean everything.  It isn’t even rational at times, but in my head it’s perfectly rational.  I struggle controlling it and my boyfriend is very patient which my ramblings.

These aren’t all our problems but our main ones.  My background wouldn’t be complete without mentioning our Puggles, Lily and Bailey.  Lily is 18 months old and Bailey is 7 months old.  If you do not know what a puggle is, it’s a mixed breed of Pug and Beagle.  They are very funny in their own ways and two completely different characters.  Bailey is laid back and happy doing his own thing and Lily is neurotic.  Always needs to follow you around and needs to be the centre of attention, very much like my daughter.

I am hoping that this blog will be of help to other people who are like me and have similar experiences