Thank you to all my new followers. I have managed to get 2 this morning already. It look s like I might make my goal of 100 followers by the end of the month and I am overwhelmed with anyone wanting to be part of my crazy life. It is crazy and that is an understatement. I need 5 more followers and I would like these by the end of the weekend now. Is that greedy? I don’t think so. I think it’s having a clear goal.

Can you help me achieve this. Sorry for the puppy bribery again. But it seems to work. I have lots more pictures of puppies on my blog and lots of honest and humorous stories and insights into my life. I also have quotes that relate to me and my life and that I hope will help others.

I like to laugh at myself, but I also discuss serious aspects in my life such as being ina narcissistic relationship for a number of years, how it’s affected me and how I have survived.

Check me out and see what you think. I will name my 100th follower and check out your site and ask my followers to follow you. We need to help each other

Thank you all xxxxxx