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Thank you for the new followers I received yesterday it was much appreciated. I have added some cute pictures of my puppies as a way of bribing more followers. In the coming weeks there will be many puppy updates. The puppies are now sitting up and can now poo independently. A big milestone. They will be many puppy videos. Adorable and can’t be missed.

My dieting will amuse you. With my useless attempts and how if someone dangles a bar of chocolate in front of me I will snap at it. I also have the ability to make bars of chocolate jump off the supermarket shelves into my trolly. Like today a bar of marvellous creations fell in my trolley and I am currently through half of it. I do not think the battle to be thin will be an easy one but I hope I will get there one day.

I am now 12 followers short of 100. Please please help me. I will make it worth your while.

Any followers who are struggling to gain their own followers let me have details of your site and I will try and help you achieve more followers by helping to promote you and I will also publish any articles on my site if they are relevant. We need to stick together.

I have some new ideas at the moment that I will release details shortly so watch this space. Let’s do it. let’s make 100 followers. The 100th follower will be named on my site and will receive a special thank you. I have till the end of the month to achieve my goal but sooner will be great the sky is the limit.