My goal is to get more followers we’ll 100 by the end of the month.  I have 83 so I only need 17.  It’s a achievable goal.  I need your help.  I think I have neglected my blog lately. Again I blame  the puppies.  Again it’s a low blow but they have been taking all our time,  they are cute and worth it,

why follow me? 

I have pictures of adorable puppies

I have an amazing diet plan that anyone who doesn’t really want to loose weight should follow

I have a life that doesn’t go to plan. It’s full of drama and it’s a how not to guide.  Follow this and you are bound to achieve success.

I upload quotes which are inspirational to me and I hope they will help others

I am honest, maybe too honest at times and am not afraid to share my feelings,

i am an over thinker.  My brain works overtime which is a crazy ride

There is so much more.  Have a look and see what you think