Diets are rubbish. Even thinking about dieting makes me hungry.

You can probably tell from the picture it’s rubbish. I forgot my fruit  yestetday for work and I needed to take my tablets and I really shouldn’t on an empty stomach. There was cake in the kitchen at work. There has been different cakes for 3 days so I had to eat the cake!!!!!!

Today I brought my fruit but should have finished work at 12. I left at 2.30. The only thing I could do was go to the sandwich shop around the corner on my way home. I was so hungry I felt sick and shaky. So I had to have a caramel shortcake for health reasons.

I am walking around a lot more and work is up and down steps all day. My secretary has just moved upstairs too so it’s all extra exercise.

DIETS I HATE THEM. I will update you with. Hopefully better progress soon