I promised you some puppy pictures they are the cutest most adorable puppies ever. Two of them are opening their eyes and they are developing their own personalities. I am still a bit poo obsessed through. I haven’t seen them poo in days. I rang the vet yesterday and they said. I will be missing their mum cleaning them up and if I am still concerned call back in a few days. They seem content and not in any pain so I think the vet is right. Although I still would like to see some poo to put my mind at rest.

I will update you more on their development soon. We are still getting up in the night with them but I think it will be ok to leave their mum with them in a few weeks

I am struggling with my diet. Fruit is no where near as good as chocolate and I don’t care what people say to convince me otherwise they are  wrong. It doesn’t help living with a gannets who never puts on any weight. I will admit when I was weighed when I had my scan I was 12 stone. That is terrible I used to be in the high 10 stones so I have put over a stone on. Even before I thought I needed to loose weight. So I am really trying hard.

I am not following a weight plan and I can’t  stick to those but trying to eat more fruit and vegetables. I felt peckish last night and had an apple my boyfriend said “while you are in there can you get me a chocolate roll”. How cruel is that ?

Today I decided to make some soup. I said shall I make some leek and potato soup. He said “yes as a starter “. So I cobbled some ingredients together. After spending about 20 minutes making it. He said “I don’t really like leak and potato soup I prefer tomato”. Well all I can think there is more left for me and my son. It’s also a cheap meal. The leaks were £1.00 for 4 and I only used 2 and the potatoes were pence and 1 used 5. I just added lamb stock and garlic and herbs and some Worcester sauce. It’s healthy and it fills you up. My son is a fussy eater and he loves soup.

We are having a Sunday clean. My boyfriend is cutting the grass and I am having a clean up and then we are going to watch our new box set “queen of the south”. We have only watched 2 episodes but it looks good. I might also put some more items on eBay.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Goodbye xxx