We are shattered.  It’s been feeds every 3 hours.  It’s more tiring than raising a new born baby.  The only difference is we have 3  to look after.  We have had a major break through.  We held lily and she fed her babies.  During the course of the night and day she became more relaxed.  We muzzled her and we let he sniff the babies and then tonight we took the muzzle off.  We were very close by in case she tried to bite then  but her mothering instinct set in and she licked them and cleaned there bottoms.  It was amazing and I hope that she now looks after them.  I always new she would be a good mum.  So fingers crossed.

The shopping fairies have been today.  We did an online order and we have full fridge and cupboards.  I love it.  I have mentioned before I think I have full cupboard syndrome.  I hate it when the food is eaten,  The only difference is I have bought a load of fruit as I need to loose weight as I feel fat.  Being off work and eating shit has Made me put on a few pounds.  I have weight issues as when I was 13 I had anorexia.  So I am going to try and eat fruit and not eat chocolate and crisps.  It’s very difficult as my boyfriend and son are gannets and eat  nothing healthy.  I have just got the cherries out and my boyfriend reached for the chocolate.   Very supportive.  Not.  I will let you know how I go on.

I haven’t seen my son all night.  There has been a big fight tonight the fight of the century.  Two you tubers.  I have been told.  I must be getting too old as I hadn’t a clue.  My 73 year old Dad even knew.  My daughter loved the festival and managed to get back in one piece thank goodness.

I am going now as I am shattered and we have an hour and a half to thr next feed.  I feel so relieved that lily is finally being a mother.

Ps,  I am going to keep a puppy.  My boyfriend says no but we are keeping one.  Watch this space.