Yesterday  was a busy day. It was GCSE results day. My daughter slept the night before which was challenging at times. I think the nerves had set in and she has worked very hard and was it all for nothing?

I had been up twice in the night feeding the puppies. They have been doing ok. They are very hungry and I think that is a good sign.

Anyway we got out of the house at about 9 and arrived at school shortly after. There was a nervous buzz in the air when we arrived. Luckily she had done better than either of us could have expected. She got 5 GCSE passes and that includes English and Maths. She needed these results to get on her college course. So we were all very proud of her. She is doing health and social and she wants to become a nurse. So she can progress to the next step of college. This will make her grow up as college is so different to school.

We carried on feeds throughout the day with the puppies  and did our last one at 11.45. Every 3 hours is hard going. My son did the 3.30 am one so I am doing another at 5.45. I remember how it felt to get up with my children when they were babies. We will get there. The puppies have put on weight since our last weigh in. Doing another feed in 10 mins. Lily hasn’t calmed down much. we have let her stand at the baby gate, but she is still being very silly. Personally I don’t think she will ever be able to feed and be a proper mother to her. Which is a real shame.

Right I am off as it’s feeding time st the zoo soon xxxxx