Still no puppies but is tonight the night? Lily has been behaving strangely.  She is restless and keeps panting.  I don’t know if this is the start of labour or not.  She has also been digging in her bed.  We have looked this up on the internet.  It seems like it’s a sign.  We hope it is as this pregancy is taking too long and we are impatient for the puppies.  We will update you as soon as we have some news.

My daughter gets her exam results on Thursday and she has asked me to go with her to pick them up.  I am really pleased as I want to share this moment with her. I have told her not to worry about her results.  I came out of school with one o’level.  That was what it was called when I was at school.i had to retake my exams and it put me a year behind at college but I made new friends,  if she doesn’t pass her exams there is no issue and we will deal with it.

we have been out to dinner to day me, my son and my daughter.  It was nice and we see: to be getting on better.  For the moment though.  I am just going to take every day as it come now and have no expectations.

Right i am  off to bed. Goodnight xxxxx hopefully we will have good news next time we speak