Lily could be between 56-59 days pregnant.  Puppies can be born between 58- 63 days so it’s exciting times.  The dogs were on their own this morning while I was at work and I was anxious that she may have had puppies or started her labour while I was out.  Anyway she is fine.  The dogs have been chilling with me on the bed this afternoon as my right side of my back started to hurt again.  I did a few jobs when I got in and thought I had better not push it.  I have been able to put my hand on Lily’s stomach and felt the puppies move.  It’s amazing that she could have up to 9 puppies and certainly over 4 puppies.  I hope she is ok and everything goes smoothly.  My partner ordered a heat mat and it has come today so we are all set up.

I am going to take it easy tonight again as the rest yesterday really helped.  My daughter has messaged me asking if me and my son can have a bonding day with her next week.  I told her I have no money as I don’t want it to be about money as it’s the only time she seems to want me is for money. I am suspicious about her intentions as everytime I get my hopes up I really wished I hadn’t as it’s because she wants me for something.   I hope we can get back on track but I am really not sure and I think she isn’t as happy as she makes out.

Right I am off. I will update you further if Lily has any movement with her puppies