I have two more days off and then it’s back to work.  Although I am only working half a day for a month.  I really don’t want to go back and I haven’t won the lottery.  So it looks like it’s back to work.  It will be good to get back into a routine of going to work and get involved with real life again.  I have enjoyed the time at home with my family and dogs.  My son is so much happier these days.  He is enjoying a house here there is no arguing

Bailey  has been a nightmare full of trouble today.  He isn’t going to be a very responsible dad.  Lily will be a trooper though.  Earlier she started throwing herself all over the settee knocking all the cushions off on to the floor.  When we went in the kitchen there was a wasp on the floor and she had a fat lip.  She had bitten a wasp.  The poor love.  The silly idiot was snapping at flies a few minutes later.

We are going to be really busy with these puppies soon.  We can’t wait.  Dogs are wonderful and we have a rollercoaster ahead.

My daughter messaged me today as if nothing had happened and rang me.  I was very cool with her as she seems to forget all the pain and heartache that she has caused.  She is unbelievsble.  Her Dad is going away for a few days and I have said she isn’t coming to my house as I am sick of the hassle she causes when she comes home.  She has been told that she is going to her grandmas.  I think she is trying to get back into staying here.  She can try all she wants but she isn’t .

Right I am off now night xxx