I was very quiet yesterday on my blog as I had one hell of a day. I mentioned yesterday morning someone has stolen my car. I reported it to the police and never heard a word they weren’t even going to come out to see me. I thought I would put a post on the local buy and sell sites on Facebook and within minutes people were sharing the post all over. I had a number of sightings reported to me as it has a personalised number plate. So my father drove me to the area where it was last seen. We scoured the streets for about an hour and then we had a break through.

The thief had been quite busy that night and a number of other people posted similar posts on Facebook. I got a description of a person seen getting out of my car and it matched a cctv of him stealing some money out of a van. I got a name and where he lived and found the car close to his house. How good is that?

We had to wait for the police to come and then eventually after a number of hours we recovered the car. There was cctv from the scene and the police know who had taken the car and it was the same person who had taken the other items that night.  I  can’t believe how lucky we were and how the power of Facebook can be used in a positive way. Maybe my luck is finally changing.