I have got really itchy feet.  As I have been off work for over 8 weeks with my back I don’t think I can really take any holidays.  Everyone posting on Facebook is making matters worse.  I have been to Mexico 🇲🇽 quite a few times.  I love the place. It’s amazing and the people are very welcoming and friendly.  I am. Desperate to go away.  To make matters worse my boyfriends step dad offered to pay for a holiday for us.  My boyfriend also doesn’t like hot weather,  I am going to have to see if we can go in the winter.  When it isn’t as warm and he can fall in love with Mexico too.

Today I thought I had found the solution to asking time off work.  If we win the lottery I can give up work and holiday.  I had a message to say I had won euro millions. I opened the email with trepidation and guess how much we have won £4.60.  OMG my dreams are shattered.

Here’s to hoping for our big win