Hello told you I would update you on the gin and there isn’t any. I am gutted. I am hoping they will have a delivery next week. I will have to have another look.

Saw my daughters messages today and she has broken her phone again. We literally claimed on my insurance a month ago and she has dropped it again. She must have broken 6 phones in 2 years it’s ridiculous. We can’t claim on the insurance again. I wonder when she will pluck up the courage to tell me. She will have to pay to repair it and she may realise now she is working how hard it is to find £100.

Anyway I am off we are nearly at the end of season 5 of gold rush I want to find out if they have hit their target. We have a really exciting life you know. We like it. We have done all the nights out and partying.  Both me and my boyfriend used to go to the warehouse parties when we were younger and partied all weekend. So gold rush is fine for us these days. We are in our late 40’s now

night xxxxx