Karma is a bitch

my Son is home and it’s lovely to see him.  The house has been quiet with no children.  He wasn’t back for 5 minutes when his cash card was broken, he had lost £10 and fallen and cut his leg.  Boys make me laugh what you see is what you get.

Things aren’t good with my daughter and her Dad.  He put a picture of her messing bedroom on Facebook.  They have had a very public falling out on social media which I don’t agree with.  I know I write this blog, but I have done it anonymously as I don’t like airing my dirty laundry in public.  Everyone is too soon to judge and compare themselves.  I do go on social media but usually to look for quotes and be nosey really.  Anyway she has messaged me to say she is going home and her Dad has texted me to say she says she is coming home.  I knew it wouldn’t take long for them to have a big fall out as they are too similar.

I want nothing more than for her to come home, but only want her back on my terms as it has been hell with her for months before she left.  So I am stuck as what to do.  She could come back and things would be how they were.  I can’t put up with it and it’s not fair that my Son or partner is in a war zone again.  She has also been horrible since she left and it has really delayed my recovery.

HELP I need your impartial advise?

Funnily enough her Dad has messaged me despite him also being abusive and cutting me out of her life.  It’s as if I don’t exist.  So I think they can sort it out themselves.