Hello, it’s been a glorious day again today.  Isn’t it amazing how a telephone call to your mum can really life your spirits.  I have had a bit of a down day again, but a telephone call from your mum this afternoon has brought me to my senses.  She can be a bit harsh, but harsh is what I need at the moment.  No matter how old you are you always need your mum.

I have finally watched a football match today and the team I wanted to win has finally won.  Sweden.  I have a soft spot for Sweden as we used to holiday there with my parents and still have a friend who lives over there. So I think and hope me being a jinx ahead of the England match has ended. Only time will tell.

It’s a short one tonight as I am needing to concentrate on the football.

Speak tomorrow xxxx

ps just finished watching and yehhhhhhh England are through get in