Hello it’s been a very busy day today.  We have been on the sun lounger hunt.  As the weather has been beautiful there is no where within a 20 mile radius that we can buy a sun lounger.  Us brits tend to go rushing out buying garden equipment as soon as we have nice weather.  Which doesn’t happen a lot.  We have had an unusually nice summer so far and it is forecast to be nice for at least another week.  I am very fortunate that I am off work for 6 weeks after my back operation.  It’s been too hot for Bailey and Lily.  They have finally stopped humping each other thank goodness I don’t know whether the heat has played a part in this.

Last night my boyfriend came home from work and straight to bed.  He said he felt like he was dying.  I couldn’t work out if he was being overly dramatic and he was suffering from the man flu equivalent or he was feeling really ill.  I am not the most sympathetic girlfriend when he is ill but he has really been good with me while I have been off or so I had to play the dutiful girlfriend.  I even got a cold towel to put on his head.  Well actually I could find a towel so I used one of his socks.  It was clean  though so not too bad.

I think I was too eager last night when I put the nice thing that my daughter put on Facebook as she blocked my texts this morning when I disagreed with something she said.  She then unblocked me and asked me to lend her £10.00 when I said no I was blocked again.  Before she blocked me she said don’t even think you are seeing me in my prom dress.  It’s become farcical now and I am getting fed up of her throwing her toys out of the Pam every tine she doesn’t get her own way,  I am getting mad now rather than upset.  I have spent too long being upset and believe if she wants to behave this way then so be it I am not loosing any more sleep or wasting any more energy worrying about it.  As you would imagine I have spent hours over thinking the situation and coming up with all different problems and scenarios.  My boyfriend said today that he could see my brain whirling around and overthinking.  He said that he believes there must be two brains in there the amount of thinking I do.

I made a salad for tea today.  I haven’t mentioned that I am the most accident prone person in the world.  Anyway I was boiling some potatoes for the salad and I set the tea towel on fire.  It really took hold quickly because I was wafting it to put the flames out.  Luckily my boyfriend came along and put it out.  The disaster was averted.

Anyway it’s time to say goodbye for the day.  Speak soon xxxx

ps I forgot to mention I slipped down the last four steps coming down stairs last night.  I managed to stop myself hitting my back too hard, but I have carpet burns on both elbows.  It’s not a good look.