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An over thinkers guide to life, Puggles, family and so much more

Overthinking is a nightmare. Due to a back operation I have too much time on my hands and too much time to think. This is how I deal with it and survive

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My boyfriend is so mean

I got dressed this morning and put my make up on.  I only had my scruffs on.  My tracksuit pants and a top. Nothing special as it’s a cold miserable rainy day.  I wasn’t planning on going very far just maybe a quick trip to the shops.

My boyfriend said to me “you are planning on going out like that are you? “.  I felt immediately hurt.  How cruel I thought.  It’s not like him. I went on the defence immediately and said “what’s wrong with me”. He said “your top is inside out”.

It made me chuckle. Of course he would never put me down or be mean to me.  I am very lucky.

Friday time to party

It’s the last thing in the world that I want to do at the weekend. Am I getting old and boring? No I am content with my relationship and life. Me and my boyfriend like to spend time at home with our dogs. We love watching boxsets, having take away (when we can afford it) and spending time together. I have never wanted to do this in a relationship before. So I am not old an boring I am happy in my relationships for the first time in my life and it’s wonderful.

Be careful what you post on Facebook

I sometimes squirm when I see what people put on Facebook. I am very careful down to my job and try never to post anything too controversial. Others do not feel the same way. Whether it’s airing their political or racial views or airing their dirty laundry in public. It makes me wonder what planet they are on or whether they are after attention.

I have some Facebook friends who you know all the ins and outs of their relationships by their posts. One in particular is quite gripping to read and it does make you feel uncomfortable.

I follow the rule don’t seek attention and be controversial as it will come back to haunt you. Don’t post on Facebook something you wouldn’t say to someone face to face. While you will have many people who read and don’t comment or support you others will be too eager to stab you in the back.


Great relationships

Daily diary- Lily come on we are sick of the waiting


There is still no sign of any puppies we have been on tenterhooks all weekend. We are more worried than anything we want to know that Lily is ok and she has a good birth and there are no health issues.

We obviously excited about the new arrivals too and how many little babies we will need to look after.

I had a Pretty rubbish weekend. Had an issue with my boyfriend. He believed something was acceptable in our relationship which as a person who has been cheated on I will not allow in our relationship. He said he didn’t realise he was doing something wrong but now can see what my issue is. Facebook can cause problems and I do not believe he should message old school friends and place kisses on no matter how innocent it is.  If he wants to do that he should be single. I also asked him if he would be happy with me doing the same and he agreed he wouldn’t. It has damaged me and maybe more that someone who hasn’t been treated the way I have in the past. I am going to try and put this behind me but if it ever happens again he is out.

I feel a bit battered and delicate.

Been to the doctors today and he has upped my pain killers till I get the results of my scan, which I need to have first. I feel a bit spaced out which is helping with the stress of life ha ha.

Anyway hope I can give you good news about the puppies next time I post.

bye xxxxx

This means more than money can buy

The people in your life

What the hell is wrong with me

My life goes from one crisis to another. I never have a few weeks when everything is fine. Something always comes along with more shit. I know people have a lot worse and I should be grateful for what I have. I am but I still get down with circumstances in my life.

I have massive trust issues and this has been caused by past experiences and a narcissist ex partner. He has always make me feel that I am not good enough. Even after all these years I still feel not good enough in anything I do and it really gets me down. “I am not a good enough mum”. “I am not a good enough solicitor”. “I am not a good enough girlfriend”.

Something has happened this morning that has spoilt my trust in my boyfriend. It’s not a massive affair but unacceptable behaviour when you are in a relationship. I am not going to say anymore about what has happened.  I am not going to end it all and throw him out. But I wonder if I can ever trust him again. I know I bleat on about him saying he is wonderful but maybe I am being naive are all men the same?????

I feel that everything that he has said to me over the years are a lie. To a person who hasn’t been lied to so many times over the years or made to feel nothing maybe the explanation is good enough. But to me it’s a massive issue.

Anyone who has been in a narcissistic relationship you learn to build massive walls around you in future relationships and it takes a long time to break down the walls. If anything happens to break the trust no matter how small it is the walls go back up.

Can you ever trust again? Or are you so damaged that you are better on your own. I will be fine and it’s just another obstacle in my life but it has damaged my trust. To me trust is everything.

Only time will tell whether I can get over this and trust him again. Until then my head is full of worry and overthinking.

Every woman deserves

I have been feeling a bit insecure lately. I drive my boyfriend mad by overthinking and saying I don’t think he wants to be with me anymore. He says “I should stop overthinking as he is going no where and wants no one else. “ When I read this quote this is exactly how he is and in a moment when my brain isn’t overthinking I realise this.

I really need to stop worrying and enjoy what I have.

breaking someone’s trust

Not only cane things never be thbothered same again in the relationship it also effects any future relationships and these you struggle to trust anyone agein.

I have been cheated on a number of times and I always question my boyfriend. Deep down I know he has never done anything to hurt me and he loves me. It doesn’t stop me questioning him. I also think that this has contributed to my overthinking

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