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An over thinkers guide to life, Puggles, family and so much more

Overthinking is a nightmare. Due to a back operation I have too much time on my hands and too much time to think. This is how I deal with it and survive

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I do this all the time

don’t let toxic people

Train my mind

I need to learn this as I do lose all the time with my ex and daughter. I get upset and think about all the time and effort and all the things I have done for her and it upsets me that it’s come to this. After I have cried and got upset I think to myself never again. Yet I let it happen time and time

I need to learn to turn my emotions off

Lack of sleep and worrying.

Communication is important


lack of communication is a problem. We just assume how the other person thinks. Usually we assume wrongly. As I am an over thinker all types of scenarios run through my head and I worry and usually get myself into a real state. If I have a problem. I usually speak to the person in particular, whether it’s work, or home. I feel it’s better to have that conversation no matter how difficult it maybe.


Now I am back at work this is how I felt last night



Staying positive

Feeling sorry for assholes

Playing the victim

My ex and daughter does this all the time. It gets me so mad. I also get upset that people will believe him and think bad of me. Most people know what type of people they are but there is still someone that believes them.

I find it best just to hold my head up high and I know the truth.

It doesn’t stop me replaying the scenario in my head and rethinking and overthinking it.

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