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Overthinking is a nightmare. Due to a back operation I have too much time on my hands and too much time to think. This is how I deal with it and survive

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I start off with good intentions

Why I can’t Lose weight

too judgmental

yesterday I wore something from 5 years ago that fitted

How is my diet going today??????


From the picture you will see not very well. It’s was actually going no where at 9 am, it was a member of staff’s birthday and when it’s your birthday you should take tap cakes into work for all the staff members. So there was a nice selection of cakes to eat.

Our Asda shop isn’t until tomorrow as I was waiting to get paid. The only thing we had left in the freezer was a pizza. So the diet starts tomorrow. By the way the pizza was amazing and I recommend it. It was big enough for 3 of us to share. Just having a bit of chocolate too as it’s a serious diet from tomorrow.

How is my diet doing today ?????


Maybe you can tell from the picture not too well. We went to the supermarket to get a card for my sisters boyfriend’s daughters birthday. We stumbled across the chocolate isle and there were only 2 bars of marvellous creations chocolate in the whole store. Unfortunately they fell in my basket. It would have been rude to put these back on the shelf.

I am also back at work full time tomorrow so I need all the strength I can as it’s going to be traumatic. Especially since my the person who I share my room with complains that I rustle paper too loudly on my desk and that she can’t work with me as I am too noisy.

The diet will start tomorrow I think. The day did start well as I made home made mushroom soup it was delicious but went down hill fast

Maybe I don’t need to diet after all

This describes me


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