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An over thinkers guide to life, Puggles, family and so much more

Overthinking is a nightmare. Due to a back operation I have too much time on my hands and too much time to think. This is how I deal with it and survive

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Mine are headstrong now

I think every parent goes through this

I do not like to brag

Sometimes I can do it without even saying hello. I do it by even walking in a room with the wrong look on my face

raising little boys

I can’t remember anyone’s name.

My dad was the same and we used to laugh

I am just a mum doing her best

Take care of yourswlf

You need to remember this. Since I have been back at work after my operation I have realised this more than ever. Work would replace you like this. So look after yourself. Don’t stress and make sure that it doesn’t affect you and your family. Certainly don’t overthink as it just makes you feel ill with worry.

It’s important to have a work life balance. You work to live and don’t live to work

If you don’t swear while driving


She couldn’t be arsed


Daily diary – sorry I have neglected you


Hello its been a Whirlwind since these little beauties have been born. They have kept us busy with supervising feeds during the day and night. It’s left me shattered and unable to do anything else. I wouldn’t give them up for the world but we wouldn’t do it again.

We have a bit of a concern that the puppies are constipated. I watched a video on YouTube and it said to use a syringe and put 2 cl of distilled water up their bottom to aid that poo. It did work yesterday but I am going to try it again today. My boyfriend is going to go to the vets and get some laxatives. I have also read somewhere that they might be dehydrated and may need to be fed water. It’s all very scary.

The puppies are now 10 days old and they should be opening their eyes this weekend which is very exciting.

I have also been putting a few items on eBay as I need to make some money. I need to sell some of my high heels they are in my wardrobe and I never wear them. Due to my back and the fact that I fall over in them a lot especially when drunk. I don’t want to get rid of them but I won’t wear them. I also could maybe make some money. So I am taking the plunge. We need a big clear out as the house is getting cluttered. I think it will be my mission today while looking after the puppies.

I have even given my season ticket today for the Premiership Match tomorrow as I do not have the energy to go. This is not like me. But I go with my friend and she has asked her cousin to go so it’s not wasted.

My son goes back to school next week and I have been struggling to find any skinny pants. He is tall but very thin. I ordered a few pairs from next and finally found some super skinny suit pants. They were £35 but at least he will look how he wants to. It’s his last year at school and I have had to buy all new uniform as he has shot up. I bet it’s cost £150 plus.

Right I am going and I have updated you on my busy week. Got one last week working part time then full time. I don’t know how I will go on as I still need a lie down in the afternoon but I need to try and get back to normal.

I am going to take some photos of the puppies today and update the blog

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