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Halloween candles

what do you think of my new candles I designed at weekend for Halloween ?

My newest candle

I have been candle making this weekend I have made loads.

What do you think of my newest creation? Check the link out !!!!

Introducing Pugglewick candles

Introducing Pugglewick. These candles are made with the help of my little furry friends.


The candles are £4.99 each. There are Christmas fragrances and are great homemade gifts or Christmas decorations.

The pink ones are also the same price but smell like the fragrance flower bomb by viktor and Ralph. The smell Gorgeous. I lit one of the candles and they have lasted hours. I can’t tell you how long as I am still no where near finishing it.

I will add more pictures of more products. Postage is £2.95 second class Royal Mail. I will shop internationally but please ask for a price. Going to add a purchase button on here when I work out how to do I.

I have been a bit quiet lately

I haven’t been posting much because I have been creative lately. I have been making candles. I have listed them on eBay and hoping I can sell them I would appreciate it if you would have a look. Let me know what you think. I think the price is reasonable and I will be listing more soon.

I have loved being creative

That’s all my candle making stuff ordered

I have decided I am going to try my hand at making candles. It may be a crazy idea but I am going to see how easy it is to make them and hopefully try and make some money. I have ordered all the things I need to make them. I have looked at all the websites that sell wholesale candle supplies and found the best one.

I often come up with these ideas. Most are hairbrained but at least I am trying. Last year I packaged up nail varnish and sold sets. I did ok and sold them on eBay.

Watch this space for the new range at the very least I can make some Christmas presents for the family it’s a win win situation

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