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Halloween candles

what do you think of my new candles I designed at weekend for Halloween ?

I have been a bit quiet lately

I haven’t been posting much because I have been creative lately. I have been making candles. I have listed them on eBay and hoping I can sell them I would appreciate it if you would have a look. Let me know what you think. I think the price is reasonable and I will be listing more soon.

I have loved being creative

That’s all my candle making stuff ordered

I have decided I am going to try my hand at making candles. It may be a crazy idea but I am going to see how easy it is to make them and hopefully try and make some money. I have ordered all the things I need to make them. I have looked at all the websites that sell wholesale candle supplies and found the best one.

I often come up with these ideas. Most are hairbrained but at least I am trying. Last year I packaged up nail varnish and sold sets. I did ok and sold them on eBay.

Watch this space for the new range at the very least I can make some Christmas presents for the family it’s a win win situation

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