I am a 47 year old busy working mother. I have been an overthinker for as long as I can remember. Overthinking has ruled my life but as I have a busy life I am able to deal with my overthinking and lead a relatively normal life.  I have just undergone a back operation (L5 Laminectomy and a L5/S1 right Discectomy) and have been signed off from work for at the least 6 weeks.  Initially I thought yehhhhhhh 6 weeks of daytime television, sunbathing and relaxing with my 2 dogs (Lily and Bailey).  Anyway after a day reality struck.

I decided if I didn’t document my experience and turn this time off to a positive.  The next few weeks would be hell.  To a “normal person “ this sounds stupid and my boyfriend said I should make the most of the time off and enjoy it.  Any overthinker will understand exactly what I am going through.

This blog therefore will be therapy for me, especially if nobody else reads it and hopefully a witty incite into my life as an overthinker.  I am hoping it will provide useful information.  I am also hoping to provide information about boosting your household income, saving money, product reviews,  puggle updates and so much more.  So here goes !!!!!