i am writing this blog while sat in a hospital ward with a baby in the next cubicle that has cried solidly for about 3 hours grrrrrr.  Today started normally.  Then I had a telephone call this afternoon from our GP saying I needed to take my son straight to the emergency room.  I had better give you a bit of back ground.  The weekend before last my son slept at a friends and complained he had a pain in his chest.  He walked home and said he couldn’t breathe properly.  Over the course of the weekend the pain increased and it made him stoop as he walked.  He seemed to improve slightly then last Thursday I get him in at the GP.  The doctor sent him to the hospital straight away for an X-ray as he couldn’t hear air in the right lung.

My parents took,him for the X-ray as I was working they said afterwards the results will be with the GP within 7 – 10 days,  over the weekend he improved and even went to a party on Friday night.  I was shocked when I got the call this afternoon,  I was told to go straight to th emergency room.  When we arrived we were rushed straight to resus. (Resusitation) and was told he had a punctured lung which had caused it to partially collapse. He was operated on straight away and had a chest drain put in. He spent most of th night in resus and was transferred to the ward at 1am.

He is doing well but we are shattered.  I am shocked and disgusted that he was sent home for the weekend and it was so serious he could have died.

Its a waiting game now.  We need to make sure his lung inflates sufficiently.  He s bored already.  Anyway the baby has finally stopped crying so it’s sleep time.