What a day I have had it’s not been one of my best. I have a issue with a lady I work with. She picks at everything I do. She moans if I flick and elastic band and today she went mad as a dropped some files on the floor as I couldn’t bend down. It was a few inches. She said I was doing it on purpose and not being considerate.

It resulted in an arguemwnt as I have had enough. She has been making dogs for weeks now. She never stops swearing and today I was on the phone to a client as I could hear her effing and blinding in the background. She has been systematically bullying me over the weeks.

I ended up going down stairs to the practice manager crying saying I had had enough. She told me to go home early and she would deal with it tomorrow. I am not prepared to share with her anymore.

I hope there is a solution tomorrow but I am stating to dread going into work which is rubbish