5A8459EB-61BF-4ED2-AA66-9CFC1A0E5C8E.jpegHello. It would be so easy to slip into the depths of depression today and it has got me down the situation with my daughter. I lay in bed last night with my head spinning. Do you ever have so much going round your head that it spins. You can’t think straight? I feel like that in times of stress.

Today I woke up feeling a bit better.  Had a lazy day, luckily my work friends have decided we should go out for tea.  It’s been nice and I have felt good tonight.  It’s will be good to get back to work to have some sense of normality. I still want to win the lottery though.

My daughter hasn’t messaged me at all today, she has messaged my son calling me all names under the son,  he wasn’t having any of it and has been sticking up for me.  He was supposed to go to his Dads tonight but has said he isn’t going because of my daughters attitude,  He has really stuck up for me and I really appreciate it,

Right I am off.  Good night xxxxxx