55DB0285-AB9E-4A22-9D28-62099CAC9184Yesterday as I stated in my diary I was really apprehensive about seeing my daughter after so long and the troubled relationship we have had recently.  I have had a terrible few months but haven’t been able to put up with her previous behaviour.  So far she has been lovely like she used to be. We sat and watched tv together and took the dogs a walk.  I have told her today we will sort her bedroom out so it’s nice for when she comes to stay.

There is no talk of her moving back but I want her to feel happy and secure when she is here.  I am not going to give in and give her everything.  She is very money oriented and I am not a money machine.  We need a relationship that is based on love and respect and we need to build the respect up.

We still have another day to go, but I am going to be strong  and set the ground rules again.  Here’s to hoping.  I love my daugter very much and it feels amazing.