I recently watched a program on tv about the dangers of your teenagers chatting on the internet.  A lot of the time they do not have a clue who they are talking too and their parents are not aware that they are even talking to anyone.  This program highlighted the story of Kayleigh Harwood.  She was a 15 year old girl who was groomed by a 27 year old man she met online through Facebook.  They exchanged 2643 text messages on Facebook only two weeks after they met up.  She told her parents that she was at a friends house.  She was in fact staying with the 27 year old man.  The meeting resulted in her getting raped and murdered.

As a result of the murder Leicestershire police with the support of her parents produced a 5 minute film called “Kayleigh’S love story”.  It is a harrowing film that contains an important message of the consequences of talking to and meeting strangers on line.

I believe that all parents and most definitely all teenagers should watch this film.

I have made sure I have shown my children this vides no matter harrowing it is.