Weather forecast gloomy

379ECF3D-D890-48CC-B7C1-8C8603334023hello it’s been a grey and gloomy day today. In more ways than one. The weather has been raining all day, which has on the plus side been good for the garden and it’s been crying out for water and it saves us a job of watering it. There is a hosepipe ban next week so any water is good news.

I am afraid my mood is quite gloomy today. I have had a massive run in with my Son. At the moment I feel like the worst parent alive. He has been at his Dads while on work experience and he has come back very anti me and full of anger and rage. It is so unlike him. I told him I wasn’t putting up with being spoken to like this and to earn some respect. I told him not to leave the house as he is grounded. He has gone out anyway and said he is going to his Dads. I have always had this issue when either of them have spent time at their Dads. I am convinced it’s his negativity about me.

Anyone who doesn’t know him would believe I am paranoid as he appears to be charming on the outside, all be it a bit of a dick. Even I sometimes wonder whether I am imagining it. I know I am not. I also think my son is trying it on as his sister is behaved appallingly with me. He thinks he will get away with it. I am sick of not being treated with respect and he will have to face the consequences of being grounded when he gets home.

On a plus side my daughter texted me and said she dreamt about me she said she dreamt that I had been shot and no one told her as she wasn’t living with me. She said she had been texting and ringing and I didn’t answer so she came to see me and I was dead. She said she had been booking a trip to New York for me and my son in her dream. She said she woke up crying. It really touched me and I texted her and said I loved her and asked if she wanted to stay here one night and she hasn’t texted me back.

I think I am feeling a bit hard done to and sorry for myself. I will pull myself together cause I have to. I would just like a few days when things are without problems. Then I feel selfish because a lot of people hhave a lot worse going on in their lives and I have so much to be grateful for.

my son how’s come home really sheepish. That’s one thing about my Son he soon realised he has been out of order and starts to toe the line, but it’s still upsetting when it happens.

Good night I will Speak to you tomorrow