Almost  time to settle down and watch Gold Rush and Love Island for me and my boyfriend.  We do know how to live the life, I hear you say.  We have reached an age where we are content with our own company and are past partying.  We do go out occasionally but I can count on 2 hands the number of times we go out.  But that is fine by us.  We have only been together just over a year.  We saw each other 4 times and he moved in.  It seemed a bit drastic, but there were circumstances that I will go into another time.  I just knew he was the one and I was right,  so we are happy with our life with our children and our dogs.

Talking  of children, I have had another run in with my daughter tonight.  She is working part time and saving money so she can go to a music festival.  She has got this off me.  I have always liked going to gigs and this is the first year in as long as I am remember that I haven’t been to a festival or gig. It’s not an age thing.  It’s been a due to having more important things to spend my money on and my back operation and I don’t think my back will take it.  My back is improving slowly, but it isn’t moving a quickly as I would like,  anyway my daughter texted me to ask if I will contribute towards her festival ticket.  I told her I would have to think about it but to be fair she has only contacts me when she wants something.  I told her I have contacted her on many occasion asking how she is and she has ignored me.  I said that I need a relationship with her before I can consider contributing.  She said “ I didn’t answer you as you had pissed me off and you are pissing me off now”   That wound me up and I said “ Yes and you are pissing me off now and goodbye”. So there we go we aren’t speaking again.  It’s frustrating but I am not a meal ticket or a mug.  If she doesn’t want a relationship with me without what I can do for her.  We will have to leave things.

On the other hand my Son rung me at dinner to say he was still enjoying his work experience and has one day to go he rang for a chat.  He was going for a butty then going to eat it in the van with his new work mates.  I am so proud.  He said that the electricians that he has been working are hopefully going to offer him an apprenticeship.  I hope to goodness his colourbindness, or as far as he is concerned non colourblindness isn’t am issue.  Only time will tell.

Right good night speak tomorrow xxxxxx