Hello, it’s been a pretty boring day.  I packaged a load of eBay parcels up, but haven’t posted them as I couldn’t be bothered walking to the post office.  I will definitely go tomorrow. I sent a text to my daughter this morning to say I love you. As of now she hasn’t responded. Funny that as when she wanted to borrow £10.00 on Sunday she was nice as pie, when she wanted me to pick her prom dress up from her friends, I got I love you.  Maybe she doesn’t want anything from me at the moment so doesn’t feel the need to reply to me.  My boyfriend would go mad that I have been sucked in again but luckily he doesn’t know.

Unfortunately this is the attitude of most teenagers these days, especially when they reach 16. My boyfriend has a son who is very much the same.  Although he won’t admit it.  He only contacts my partner when he wants money or a lift.  It doesn’t make you feel great and don’t like to say no as that is the only contact you get with them.  You grab at this and hope it will lead to them wanting to see you.  It doesn’t though.  I just hope one day they will realise how selfish they are.  I don’t think it will be just yet though as they only have one thing on their mind.  Them and how everything affects them.

Since I have typed this my daughter has texted me and said “love you, do you have the iTunes password”. Do you think I was so stupid to give it to her? ……… you were right she played me again.

This morning my boyfriend amazed me.  I ask him every day”what do you fancy for tea”. He usually says “how on earth can I decide now I haven’t even got out of bed”. I think he thinks that the tea fairy comes every day and works her magic and places a wonderful meal on the table.  He doesn’t realise that planning meals takes a lot of effort and I need to plan well ahead.  I don’t use frozen meals I usually make all meals from scratch.  Well this morning he said he wanted “corned beef hash”.  So for one day I didn’t have to decide what to make.  Corned beef hash is made with potatoes, carrots, corned beef and some gravy and a secret ingredient.  It’s a nice homely meal and it’s especially good when the weather is cold.  We have had it for tea and it was a good choice.

Bailey  the Puggle has driven me mad today.  Anything naughty he has been up to.  He is full of energy and needs a good walk.  I need to get recovered quickly or we might have a puggle for sale.  Only joking we love him to death.  He got his mouth stuck in his collar today I will put a picture below.  He is a clown. 3F4B7121-E92F-42DA-A477-84FBE2F5003591E77697-E1D4-4EEE-8BBE-384E74E12496E46A9CAB-BB19-4E6C-ABFE-27491934712B

Around him is all the debris he has created,

Right I am going back to watching Gold Rush to see if they ever make any money.  Then our favourite program Love Island.  Good night xxx