Today I am going to review James Reid instant bronzing mist.  I have already typed this, but lost it so here goes again!!  I am usually terrible at applying false tan.  I tend to get it really dark on my hands, knuckles, ankles and knees and the rest is streaky.  I got this tan in one of my beauty boxes tried it and loved it.  If you havent  read one of my reviews before. I love make up and cosmetics and I get beauty boxes every month.  I currently get glossybox, birch box, and cohorted.  It’s a luxury, but I don’t smoke and it’s a great way to test products that I haven’t used before or will get the opportunity to try without this luxury. It’s amazing how many products I have tried and now buy.  I will review as many of these products on here as I can.

John Reid instant bronzing mist makes your skin glow instantly and this makes it easier to apply as you can see where you are spraying the tan.  It does take 6-8 hours to develop fully.  I hate the smell of false tans and this tan has a slight smell but nothing like conventional tans.  That is a big plus as a lot of tans smell horrible while they are developing.  It can be used both on your body and your face which is also great.

Directions for use

  1.  It is important to make sure that you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients.  If you are unsure what ingredients are in the product have a look on the internet for a full list of the ingredients
  2. Shave and exfoliate at least 24 hours before applying the tan,  also make sure that your skin is well moisturised.
  3. Shake the tan well before applying.  it can be blotchy if you don’t shake the tan.  Hold the tan about 15 cm away from the body. Start with your face and work down.
  4. Use clean and even strokes
  5. Wait until the tan has fully dried before wearing any clothing and make sure you wear loose clothing.
  6. The tan takes 6-8 hours to fully develop.

The RRP is £25.00 but be smart and have a look around.  I have found John Reid products in the shop TK Maxx. .If you haven’t heard of the shop it is a shop that sells designer products at a fraction of the price.  I love this shop and particularly like the shoes, bags and sunglasses.  Who am I kidding ?  I am a reformed shopaholic and generally like buying, sorry used to like buying.  I can’t remember the cost but it was a lot cheaper.

I have found the tan on the website Feel Unique.  It is on sale with 15% off at £21.25. Give it a try.  I welcome your comments.