I always try to teach my children values. If they find money I always make them hand it in to the police and if the money isn’t claimed in two months then then children get to keep it. Anyway last night my son found an iPhone when he was waking home. It was all smashed so you couldn’t see the screen. I always think that there may be photographs on the phone that the person needs or it may not be insured.

I posted on our local page on Facebook to say that we have found the phone and if they call it I will give it them back. This morning I had a friend request on Facebook and the person has lost the phone last night while drunk. They were very pleased to get the phone back. It gave us a sense of pride.

I just hope that if we were to loose something that there are honest peaopke out there. I often see people posting that they have found something and I think it is a positive side of Facebook.