It’s been a nice weekend. You will probably be able to tell from my title of my diary that I haven’t won the lottery this weekend. I only have 3 weeks until I am back at work. I really don’t want to go back. Anyone got any ideas? My latest idea is gold mining. I have a new obsession. Gold Divers and Gold Rush Alaska. The only problem is they spend a fortune and never get any gold. So maybe I need to find another idea. I am still doing my surveys and eBay but won’t get enough money to give up work.

My son is back at his Dads a she has work experience again. I did drive my car for my first time after my op. It wasn’t too bad, but I am still not doing to drive very much. Tonight it’s just me, my boyfriend and the dogs. We are chaining ans watching tv then off to sleep. I had better not neglect him.

Good night xxxx