I felt a bit off today I don’t know why.  I hardly slept last night I was awake until after 5.  I went downstairs as I didn’t want to keep my boyfriend awake.  Then was up at just after 8 so I am knackered.

It’s been a bit of a blurry day,  This afternoon my son came home so it was nice spending a bit of time with him.  He is colourblind.  He struggles with the reds and greens. We were talking about his work experience and he said he wanted to do an apprenticeship as an electrician.  I said can you being colourblind.  Because what if you wire up the wrong colour of wire? He said he isn’t colourblind. So we did a test and guess who was right? Me .

I have spoken to my daughter by text a few times today.  I don’t thunk things are as rosy at her dads as they were I will let her get on with it and be there if she needs me.

We watched Red Sparrow tonight,  I am rubbish at understanding films.  I always have to have them explained to me.  It was a difficult one for me.  I always hate it when it leaves unanswered questions. Maybe that’s cause of my overthinking as Iike to have an ending to a film.  I prefer simple fims that don’t need a lot of thinking about.  This is because I think too much about the film.  Maybe that’s why I  read a newspaper that is easy to read, not too much news and lots of celebrity and entertainment gossip.  I do struggle to keep my attention focused on anything too difficult.  I have a profession where I have had to study a lot and must have been able to concentrate at some stage, many that’s why I like simple things these days.  I am a solicitor but am hoping to win the lottery in the next few weeks so I don’t have to go back to work.

Good night xxxxx