I have a new guilty pleasure.  You may realise from my previous posts that I love reality tv.  I am sad I know but it’s easy watching. I love 90 day fiancé happily ever after.  It’s very much like what you would describe as car crash tv.

I first saw a post on Facebook about it and have been glued to it ever since.

The programme is about couples from different countries who met had 90 days to get married so they could earn the work visas necessary to remain in the United States.

By law, after 90 days, one of the people would have to leave the United States and return to their home country.

The show deals with the struggles to get married in the 90 day period — which only gave the couple a limited period to decide if they really loved each other enough to walk the aisle.

There were many obvious roadblocks in the way. Family members and friends rightfully distrusted some of the individuals, thinking that they were just getting married to get into the country. There were cultural differences and a lot of the people who’s marriages that have failed.

It is made by TLC and I am watching these on Sky on a Wednesday evening.  It’s a good job I am off work as although my boyfriend is very good and I get him addicted to many reality tv programs. I think even he would draw the line at this.

Just going off the subject a bit, we were watching Love Island last night and a particularly sad bit came on and my boyfriend had a tear in his eye.  I said jokingly “I can’t wait to tell your friends you have been crying at Love Island”.  He said “what are you talking about I have hay fever”.  I do love my sensitive boyfriend he’s a real softy at heart.

Anyway give 90 day fiancé happily after a try.