I am over the moon I have had a phone call and a text from my daughter tonight.  She even said love you when she put the phone down.  I am amazed, but not getting my hopes up.  I might have heard from her when she had forgotten she isn’t talking to me.  The phone call was to ask me something but it’s good enough for me.  Maybe not speaking to me for a week has made her realise she has missed me or she just wanted to know about her football season ticket.  Anyway it’s a positive.

It was funny last  night.  I was lying in bed with my boyfriend and he had his arm around me.  He started laughing and said “oh I do love you,you are just perfect”. I said “why have you said that”? He said “you make me laugh, you have your knickers inside out.  That’s why I love you, because you are stupid and dozy”. To be fair he is right.  I am a bit blonde and that’s my excuse.  I am often known to say stupid things and do stupid things.  I once went to work in odd shoes.  It’s not as bad as it sounds.  I was a bit of a shopaholic.  I have about 10 pairs of Ted Baker shoes. They are the jelly shoes but all slightly different.  The shoes were the same colour but odd bows on the front.  Luckily my car is always full of junk and I had a spare pair of shoes in the car.

Me and my boyfriend have just watched Love Island and I am so pleased that Alex has been partnered up.  If you are reading from outside the UK you will not understand this, but he is so nice and has been so unlucky in love.  We are full and bloated we have eaten a Chinese. We love salt and Pepper dishes and a full bar of Cadbury’s marvellous creations chocolate each.  To be fair that is what weekends are for,  weekend are the same as weeks at the moment as I have another 3 weeks off work, but it’s nice to have company.

Right I am off to chill and not move cause I feel sick.  Night speak tomorrow xxxxxx