Its not an easy thing to admit.  I take antidepressants.  I feel embarrassed and it does make me feel a weak person,   I feel ashamed to admit it and why? Depression doesn’t mean that you are a weak person. I believe circumstances can make your life difficult at times and you need help and by taking antidepressants you are getting the help you need.  It’s an illness and people often forget that.

When I was diagnosed many years ago. I went to the doctors with back ache.  My doctor was great and said “what do you do every day?” I explained my day as a single parent and the struggles that I have due to my narcissist ex partner and while I was telling him I started crying.  It was like a release.  He said “I think you are depressed and need a little help”.  I took the help and they have helped me cope with life,

I am now with a great partner and I do feel embarrassed to tell him as I am scared he will think “why is she depressed when she has me”?  But it couldn’t be further from the truth.  He did say “I don’t know how you have coped all these years without support, you are amazing”.

My aim now is to cut them down and be tablet free, but it will take time as I am still struggling with problems particularly with my daughter, worries over money and my main problem over thinking. The main thing is I AM GETTING THERE.  I am proud of what I have overcome and feel positive about the future