The shopping fairies have been today, well we have done an online shopping order.  This is what I always told my children when our food cupboards were full again.  Anyway it was pay day today so we have full cupboards again.  I have a bit of a problem when we have full cupboards which is I don’t like anyone eating anything.  They all laugh at me in our house, but I get really jittery when people eat too much.  God knows why.  I think I am definitely crazy and weird at times.

When my daughter had left home I said to my son “you are happy here aren’t you”.he said “yes, but my Dad has more food than you”.so tonight I sent him a picture of the full fridge and biscuits and said I am looking forward to seeing him soon when he returns from his Dad.  By the way I still haven’t heard a word from my daughter.  I am getting used to it but I had a moment of sadness tonight.  I never like to fall out with people or go to sleep on an argument.  You never know what life holds and it’s always best to be on good terms.  Everyone doesn’t think the same and I have to accept that and get on with it.

righ I am off to sleep as my back is pretty bad tonight.  I struggled sleeping last night and it’s been bad again today.  I don’t help my self though as I have brought the wheelie bin in, which I should have left for my boyfriend as I don’t like to appear useless.

Good night xxxx