Hello, it’s  been a good day today.   My Son is liking his work experience and sent me a picture of something he has made and a picture of his dirty hands, they won’t dirty as far as I was concerned though, but I played along with him and said “ o( you poo4 thing “.

We had a strange thing happen in the night.  My boyfriend woke up and said something was crawling on him in his sleep.  He had a look in the bed and we couldn’t see anything.  I thought he must have dreamt it and was being a bit soft.  We turned the light off and went back to sleep.  About 5 minutes later I jumped out of bed screaming I could feel something crawling on me and when I turned the light on it was the biggest spider you have ever seen.  I screamed and swore, Then went back to sleep  I completely forgot about it until I was reminded tonight.

Tonight two friends came to see me from work.  They are my good friends and I used to work with them at another firm and then we all got jobs together.  They cheered me up,  They we’re talking to my boyfriend about my overthinking.  They have to deal with my overthinking at work and he does at home. They both sympathised with each other about how difficult it is to be on that side of overthinking.  I know I drive them all mad. I just can’t help it.  This morning my boyfriend said “give your physio a ring and see if they have any exercises to speed my recovery up”.  I got it into my head that he was mad at me cause I was off work and even texted him to ask him.  He reassured me he was thinking  of me ans wants me to get better so I am not in pain anymore.  I am lucky to have some lovely people in my life who understand my issues. I am fortunate as it is hard to live and work with an overthinker.

On the other hand I haven’t heard a word from my daughter. I got load of abuse off her dad as I reminded him she had the dentists appointment. I will leave it with them to deal with as it’s their problem to sort appointments out now. I will not miss having to run around for hospital and dentists appointments.

Right good night speak tomorrow xxxxx