One of my favourite tv programs when I was younger was the Gilmore Girls. I laughed and cried over this program and was gutted when the series ended. I was happy a few years ago when a year in the life of the Gilmore Girls was made by Netflix. I haven’t had time to watch the program and decided to sit down today as I new have some time on my hands.

I am not 15 minutes into the first of 4 shows when I have 2 similarities to Lorelai  Gilmore.

  1.  The opening line was “I can smell snow” – for years I have been the only one of my friends who has this talent and my family and friends often ask me when it’s getting cold if I can smell snow.
  2. Lorelai’ s boyfriend Luke has just complained that she has filled their tv sky box up with true movies.  I love watching cheesy true movies. When I get time to myself I love doing this.

I wonder if if I have always been like Lorelai or if I have modelled myself on her subconsciously.

It will be interesting what other similarities there are if any. It’s amazing what you think of when you have time on your hands !!!!