Hello, the weekend has gone far too quickly.  I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend and that’s why it passes so quickly.  My son has work experience next week, if any of you don’t know what it is it’s when they go to work to see what job they want to do in the future.  He is a very loving person and he loves animals. He has a weekend job at a kennels,  His Dad is an engineer ans he arranged the work experience in a plastics factory.  It’s not my sons choice and in fact he has been dreading it.  Another example of my ex’s bullying behaviour.

My son has gone to his dads for a week as I am still not driving, although I am going to try to drive this week.  I got myself in a bit of a state that his Dad was going to turn  him against me like my daughter ans I would lose him too.  I know it’s irrational but it really affected me.  As usual my boyfriend has supported me and told me that I am  wrong. My son loves me, he has all his friends around here and there is no chance he would ever move out.  He said that he is a different kettle of fish to my daughter.  You know what he is right.  I just need to let go and give him the space that he deserves.

I was going to post this last night but didn’t get round to it,  I will try and put another update on today if anyone is interested.

Anyway bye ans speak to you later xxxx