Hello, not done much today. There has been no football and the sun hasn’t shone. It’s been cloudy.

As I have been bored my brain as been working overtime.  Work has been my main worry and scenarios about how I am the most hated person going for being off work for almost 6 weeks. I have also been worrying that I am not ready to go back to work yet.  I have had a couple of colleagues contact me today and they have kind of allayed my fears.  But even that hasn’t stopped me worrying.

My son has enjoyed his work experience he was buzzing when I talked to him.  He has a uniform and work boots and he showed me them in his wardrobes at his dads.  I am so pleased because, guess what…… I was worrying about that too.

I still haven’t heard from my daughter.  I even sent her a message saying I loved her and was thinking about her, but she hasn’t replied. It upset me and I had a little cry, but I have to get on with things.  But guess what again I can’t stop thinking about her and the situation.

Going to try and write a piece on narcissism and how it has unfortunately effected m daughter tomorrow.

Any way better go as Love Island is on

bye xxxxxx