After all the excitement of today I nearly forgot the most important part of the day, my daily diary. How dare I ?  Well the only excitement that has happened actually is that England beat Sweden in the quarter finals of the works cup. The whole country has gone football mad. England are now through to the semi finals for the first time since 1990 which for any of you who can’t work it out is 28 years.

As I have already mentioned I am a big football fan and hold a season ticket at a local premiership team. As this is a anonymous blog I am not going to name the town. (The reason I want the blog to be anonymous is I share a lot of personal information and I wouldn’t feel as free to do so if I publicised my name and details). My boyfriend has even jumped on the football bandwagon despite moaning everytime I go to a football match. My boyfriend is a petrol head and is more interested in cars and rallying. They say opposites attract.

The next match is on Wednesday night and there is a real buzz about the country as the team are a young team and are achieving what Germany, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, shall I go on !!!! Have not been able to achieve this year.

As I said earlier I have had a pretty unremarkable day other than that. I am in fact getting very very bored whilst I am off work and am driving my boyfriend mad. He even took me to the shop for some chocolate to see if as he put it “my face could crack a smile”. I am bored of my four walls of the house and gutted I do not feel fit to return to work next week. Not that I like work, but I am in limbo. Did I share with you what I do for a living? Have a guess and I will reveal all tomorrow. I just wonder what opinion people have of me for all my ramblings.

I also have had another day of no word from my daughter. She shares my love of football and we usually would have discussed the match and watch it together. Anyway I am not dwelling on that.

I had better go as I have come upstairs for a bath as we are going to watch a film, exciting stuff. My boyfriend will wonder what I am doing and will suspect I am asleep. Or he will be enjoying the peace of me saying I am bored. He is a saint and puts up with me despite my horrendous mood.

Bye and speak to you tomorrow xxxxx

ps he didn’t think I was asleep as he has jusr come up and said just said “what’s all that huffing and puffing about I can hear you from downstairs” ha ha